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Diwali, 2019

Easter, 2019

Christmas, 2018


A creative collaboration between photographer A8LIA and illustrator AORISTS celebrating Diwali, 2018.


Photographs: Alia Romagnoli / A8LIA

Illustrations: Anshika Khullar / AORISTS

Styling + model: Karishma 

'SHANTI' - a piece celebrating the decision of the Indian supreme court to revoke section 377 of the penal code and decriminalise homosexuality, September 2018

Created in support of the Repeal The 8th movement which (successfully) aimed to decriminalise abortion in Ireland via a people's referendum, and help provide safe and legal access to reproductive healthcare.

Created for International Women's Day, 2018, with the following quote in mind:

'We will not fight other women for one of the limited seats at the table; we will march side by side and demand a bigger table'.

Easter, 2018

Valentine's Day, 2018

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